What is BFit108?

The BFit108 app is designed to help you get the most out of your training. Whether you need support or inspiration, BFit108 can provide it. With over 500 training videos showing the latest techniques for inside your confort home and outside too, and fully customised workouts based on your goals, you can mix up your routine to keep every session interesting.
HIIT is the most popular workout time. He has been seen as the best method for fat burning muscle that exists. But what is HIIT anyway? HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training. Looking closely at the workout is to perform an exercise with full intensity for a short predetermined time (1 to 2 minutes, for example), sandwiching the same exercise or other low-intensity (for 2 to 3 minutes, a species of active) rest. This lasts up to add 30 minutes between exercises and intervals. Some trainers suggest that the range does not need to be active, leaving the person to rest and do nothing, completely keeping the focus on the minutes of intense activity.

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